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  • EDS UDL series stepless speed variators

  • The UDL series stepless speed variator has advanced technological design that include the following characteristics:

    • High speed-regulating precision: up to 0.5-1 rotation.
    • Large speed-changing range: the speed ratio ranges from 1:1.4 to 1:7
    • High strength and long in-service life.
    • Easy to regulate the speed.
    • Suitable for continuous running in any running direction 
    • smooth in drive with stable performance and low noise.
    • Suitable for application in any environment.
    • Compact structure with a small volume.

    Constructed of a high-quality aluminium alloy die cast these units light weight and will never rust.
    Excellent adaptation: UDL series stepless speed variators can be combined with all kinds of speed reducers for low, stepless speed-changing.

    The UDL series stepless speed variators supplied by Euro Drive Systems are widely used in manufacturing processes and production including: foodstuffs, ceramics, packing, chemicals, pharmacy, lastics, paper-making, machine-tools, communications, automatic production lines, pipelines and assembly lines that require speed regulation.

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