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  • EDS TNRV Series Speed Reducer & Worm-Gear B​ox 

  • The TNRV series supplied by Euro Drive Systems has two types of housings: Aluminum alloy and cast iron.
    Two kinds of frames: foot mounting and flange mounting.

    Helical gears constructed of high-tensile alloy material - this makes the unit more compact with higher efficiency and a larger output torque.
    The gears are high-precision finished with a hardened face: unlikely to distort in service.
    Additional advantages are: more stable running, low noise and continual running in harsh environment.

    There are 6 options of output shaft diameter.


    The TNRV unit can be used in two or three-stage drive  transmission. It has a large ratio range - 14 ratios from 5:1 to 200:1.

    The construction uses high-quality bearings to prolongs the in-service life.

    High-performance oil seal prevents the lubricant from leaking back to the inner of motor

    The unit can be combined with  a three-phase motor, standard single-phase or fully-enclosed aluminium motor - which is waterproof, good heat dissipation and high running efficiency.

    The modular combination extends the transmission ratio from 5:1 to 1400:1.

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