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  • EDS TKM and TKB Helical-Hypoid Gearbox

  • TKM and TKB series helical-hypoid gear units are a new-generation of product.

    The TKM replaces the TNRV series and the TKB replaces the
    W series - both have been developed to improve efficiency by between 10 to 40 percent.


    The main design characteristics include:

    • Hypoid gear drive with large ratios
    • Highly efficiency, energy saving and environmentally friendly
    • Designed for compact size
    • Lightweight Aluminium housing
    • Alloy steel gears with hard tooth surface and large in output torque and long lifetime in service.
    • Suitable for all types of installation and a wide range of applications
    • The mounting dimension of TKM series are compatible with TNRV series worm gearbox
    • The mounting dimension of TKB series are compatible with W series worm gearbox
  • tongyutkm-001
  • Highly efficient aluminium right angle Helical-Hypoid TKM and TKB gearbox will replace most medium size worm gear reducers with similar hollow shaft and footprint.

    7.7:1 to 295:1 ratios and power ratings up to 7.5kW, efficiency up to 94%.


    TKM and TKB product range available ex-stock in the UK.

    For more technical information about the TKM and TKB series click here or call 01543 676792.