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  • Powtran PI9000 Inverter

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    The PI9000 series inverter supplied by Euro Drive Systems is a high-performance motor control module that consists of V/F, sensorless vector control (SVC) and  torqure control.
    It is mainly responsible for high performance control and overall protection of the motor, controlling the motor through sending running commands to multiple channels or performing close loop vector control through encoder interface.
    This control mainly ,includes most of functions of the inverter, such as PID control, MS speed, and swing frequency and so on.

  • pi9000

    Power range:0.4-630KW

    Voltage level:1-phase 220V

                              3-phase 220V

                              3-phase 380V

                              3-phase 480V

                              3-phase 690V

  • The operator interface provides a means for an operator to start and stop the motor and adjust the operating speed. 


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