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  • Powtran PI8000/PI8100 series Frequency Inverter

  • PI8000/PI8100 series frequency inverter is based on the latest motion control theory and technological achievement.


    The PI8000/PI8100 supplied by Euro Drive Systems in the UK is a new, sensorless vector control high-performance frequency inverter.

    It achieves perfect motor control via servo function, and offers a comprehensive drive solution. 

  • PI8000/PI8100 Technical Features

  • PI18000 under test

  • powtran-pi8100-001

    PI8000/PI8100 Capacity

    Power range : 11-630kW
    Frequency range : 00.00-2000.00Hz
    Voltage range: single-phase 220V  three-phase 220V/380V/460V/575V/660V

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