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  • Powtran PI500 Inverter

  • Euro Drive Systems supply the Powtran PI500 Series Vector Control Frequency Inverter. This is a high-performance high stability product, based on secure hardware platform. It has been designed to meet industrial application requirements.


    The PI500 is a new, high-performance current vector control inverter designed by Powtran and based on the latest theory of motor running and controlling. The PI500 has excellent basic performance and functions with significant improvements:
    ease of use ,maintainability, environmental protection, space-saving installation and improved design standards.

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    PI500 Capacity:

    Power range:7.5-630kw

    Voltage level: 1-phase 220v

                   3-phase 220v

                   3-phase 380v

                   3-phase 690v

  • Available products include:

    PI500 (plastic housing) 3-phase 380V 0.4-7.5kW

    PI500 (metal housing) 1-phase 220V 3-phase 220V/380-460V/690V 7.5-630kW

    PI500 (IP42, IP54) 3-phase 380V 45-93kW


    The PI500 series high-performance frequency Inverter has good dynamic characteristics and superior overload capacity. This product has an added editable function and background monitoring software. 
    It is designed for a variety of industrial applications including; machinery drives, fan and water pump drive unit, heavy-duty grinding unit, compressor, blower, conveyor drive, hoist, centifuge and various speed control machinery.

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    For detailed case studies of Powtran PI500 industrial applications click here.

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