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  • Powtran Ripple Braking Resistor

  • Where the inverter contains a built-in braking unit and the maximum braking torque is 50% a braking resistor is incorporated .  
    ​The Powtran braking unit is mainly used in the inverter controlled motor drive to drop speed, braking positioning, hoisting and declining.

  • A wire wound resistor is a resistor where a wire with a high-resistivity is wrapped around an insulating core to provide the resistance.
    The resistor is a two-terminal electrical device that is used in electrical circuits to resist the flow of electrical current to serve amplification or switching requirements.
    The assembly is protected with a layer of paint, molded plastic or an enamel coating baked at high temperature. 


    Technical Features

    1. Suitable for all brands inverter
    2. 200V/380V/440V/480V, load power: 0.75KW--110KW
    3. It could be paralleled connected, no capacitor limited
    4. Suitable for electricity fluctuation conditions
    5. Special design
    6. Ensure the brake IGBT in saturation;
    7. Protection: short-circuit, low voltage, over voltage, fast fuse, over-heated
    8. Automatic track during the whole process
    9. Noise filtrated within all frequency range, no disturbance to other equipment.

  • Where an inverter-controlled motor is rapidly decreasing in speed, the load inertia will cause kinetic energy to be transferred into electrical energy and stored in the DC bus. This action will cause a surge of over-voltage. 

    The Braking Resistance Unit will automatically detect the DC bus over-voltage and switches the energy into the braking resistor.  This ensures smooth drive control of the motor during different operating conditions.

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