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  • Powtran AC and DC Choke

  • Powtran AC and DC choke, for improving power factor and increasing the length of cable between the frequency inverter and the AC motor. 


    Power will cause interference with other electrical equipment - interference, over-voltage, etc.
    Power voltage phase imbalance >1.8% rated voltage.
    Low-impedance line (The rated voltage of transformer is more than 10 times the rated of frequency inverter, AC drive).
    A large number of converters are installed in one line in order to reduce line current.
    Using COS (power factor) to correct capacitors or power factor.

  • AC input reactor:
    Will increase power factor of power supply and decrease higher harmonic wave surge and contain wave surge on power supply device of inverter.

    DC reactor:
    The effect of a DC reactor on the increase in power is much better than that of AC input reactor.
    When inverter is applied to a system that has a higher requirement for multi-reliability, it is recommended that one additional DC reactor is used along with an AC reactor because AC reactor can function to adsorb surge voltage.


    used in input and output of frequency inverters (variable speed drives, VSDs, variable frequency drives, adjustable speed drives, ASDs, adjustable frequency drives, AFDs, AC drives, frequency changers).

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