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  • PeeiMoger Compact Gear Motors

  • PeeiMoger compact gear motors are durable, reliable and energy efficient.


    Euro Drive Systems supply the PeeiMoger product range in the UK, including Standard Single Phase Motors, Variable Speed Motors, Electro-magnetic Clutch motors, Electro-magnetic Brake Motors, Reversible Motors, 3 Phase Induction Motors, Torque Motors, Hollow Worm Gear Motors and Linear Motors.

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  • PeeiMoger Motor Construction


    Output pinion shaft is equipped with O-ring which avoids the grease leaking out from the gearhead and avoids degradation of the windings in the motor.

    Each motor is of high-quality design and manufacture so 5000 hours Mean Time Before Failure is guaranteed.

    High class of iron core and winding design results in high efficiency and increased power saving.

    By using spectrum analysis, dynamometer testing system and rotor quality control, Peeimoger are a leading edge manufacturer in the motor market. 

  • PeeiMoger Gearhead Construction


    The PeeiMoger gearhead has a durable and reliable ball bearing structure.

    Highly Precise helical gear sets produce smooth and extremely quiet operation.

    Hermetically oil-sealed, the gears are completely lubricated to prolong lifetime and reduce noise and power loss.