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  • Euro Drive Systems

  • With over 50 years experience in power transmisson we understand the impotance of motor reliability and smooth running.

    Motors drive production - but they are industry's biggest energy users. 

    Euro Drive Systems will help you to reduce your costs and increase productivity with a quality industrial electric motor, gearmotor or gearbox.

    When motors are critical to production it is important to ensure they are always running. In the unfortunate event of a breakdown we can supply a suitable replacement. 


    Knowing when to repair or replace a motor can make a huge difference to maintaining production - avoiding lost revenues through unnecessary downtime.

    We understand that the lead time to supply a replacement motor is an important factor. 

    We have motors in stock ready for next day delivery direct to you.

    We have extensive knowlege of gearbox and gearmotor manufactures and have carefully selected products that have high efficiency across a range of ratios.

    If you need some helpful advice about motor, gearmotor or gearbox repair or replacement call 01543 676792 or email your requirements.